Recording a CD with Tom Saputo is fun and easy. Normally, the singer records his or her voice to a simple background music track played by Tom Saputo. You can go back each time a replace any bad notes or phrases that might occur, therefore ending up with a flawless performance. After that, Tom Saputo adds whatever is needed to make the recording sound great. Tom plays keyboards, guitar, bass guitar and acoustic drums and sings background vocals giving your recording a " live band" sound as opposed to sequenced or artificial background sound. Tom can play in any style of music as well! The finished product is amazing!  You can also use your background ( KAROKE) tracks.
In another studio, you might end up paying thousands of dollars for a product that is not as good. Hiring musicians is expensive. 4 musicians at $50 per hour for 10 songs might cost you over $1000 easily. Some studios charge an hourly rate of over $100 per hour bringing your total cost into the thousands. And the worst part is that the product might be sub- standard. You'll know what your paying for at ClearSound Recording Studios and you will get a professional product that will amaze yourself and your family and friends!
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