Tom Saputo's
Tom Saputo grew up in the 60's highly
influenced by the Beatles and other
60's groups. His older brother John was also a big influence on Tom. In the 70's and 80's he became a big jazz fan including fusion jazz  ( Chick Corea, Larry Coryell, etc)
and big band jazz. ( Buddy Rich, Maynard Ferguson, Thad Jones)         Tom's piano abilities have been compared to Oscar Peterson and Chick Corea. His drumming is compared to Buddy Rich and Tony Williams. Tom can also do dead-on impressions of Ray Charles, Neil Diamond, Elvis, Willie Nelson and many others.
   Tom confesses to loving all types of music from country to classical. He started playing in bands when he was 8 years old. He soon became proficient in many different instruments including piano, guitar, bass, drums and even played the trumpet and sax. Tom has performed with rocker Joan Jett (I love Rock and Roll&) , Lloyd Price ( Stagger Lee, Personality) , Miki Howard ( Imagination) members of Take 6 and many others. His CDs sell all over the world including Japan, England, Canada, Germany and many other areas. They can be found on CD BABY.
       He has performed in Japan, West Africa, Cancun ( among other places) and all over the USA.   (  w/ Sony Recording Artist Rory and Irving Berlin's Granddaughter " Mary Ellin Lerner" and Lloyd Price. )
  Tom has performed for over 40 years at thousands of club dates, concerts and private parties and also has a successful recording studio.
( tom saputo recording studio )
Tom is a Pro Tools certified engineer.
  Tom has an electronics technical degree from the Grantham Electronics Institute and a Computer Operations degree from the Computer Learning Center. He also has extensive experience in sales and marketing.  
     He has extensive experience in music theory, harmony and songwriting and has several songs published including the Dick James Publishing House.  He is a
music educator and conducts seminars.  He has won many songwriting awards including one given by the Kennedy Center.
    Tom is also a video editor with extensive experience in PhotoShop and has over 60
videos on YouTube.
He has been an educator and seminar instructor for over 30 years.
     He currently lives in Burke, VA. with his beautiful wife Pam.He is the proud father of 3 children - Tony, Sasha and Isabella