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Tom Saputo (aka Tom Anthony)  is one of the premier musicians and entertainers in the Washington, DC region for over 30 years now.

Tom started playing music at age 5. By age 8, he was playing piano, guitar, drums and bass. Singing came later at age 16. Tom started writing and recording music as a teenager as well. He was always fascinated by small tape recorders and mesmerized by records. Musical instruments and tape recorders were his coveted possessions.


Tom is an accomplished video editor and can provide many video services. His recording studio skills go beyond, recording, orchestrating, editing and songwriting. He can also enhance faulty audio and removed unwanted background sound.


His photo editing skills included enhancing photos most removing blemishes and wrinkles. He can also remove objects from any photo. Would you like to be put into a picture with a famous celebrity?  Tom can do that and more!


Tom started playing in local bands at age 8 playing the hits of the 60's. Teen dances and outside parties is where it all started, but later, he turned professional, working at local establishments and from that exposure he was hired for private parties as well. He then started working with his brother and best friend, working all of the local and popular hot spots at that time. Tom continues to perform at local clubs, weddings, private parties, fundraisers and events. He also helps local singers record songs and make their own CD’s and Videos!

Tom has also played with well-known DC local artists, as well as famous artists Joan Jett, Lloyd Price, Miki Howard, Sony recording artist Rory, and Irving Berlin's granddaughter Mary Ellin Lerner.

He currently performs for private functions on piano, guitar and provides vocals.

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