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Tom Saputo has been recording folks for over 4 decades. He currently records hundreds of tracks per year for local outstanding vocalist. 
    Tom is offering a "sweet deal" recording package that you might want to take advantage of. 

10 Songs
5 Hours For Vocal Recording
full orchestrations
Mixing, Editing and Mastering
50 Physical CDs
Custom Artwork

All for only  $998!      This package is valued at over $4000.

Please Read These Guidelines

1. The vocal sessions must be 5 Hours or under. Any other time for redo's will be charged at Tom's normal rate of $70 per hour. If you don't feel you can record 10 songs in 5 hours, this package may not be for you. 
 The $998 should be paid before the first session. However, Tom will accept half payment in the beginning and the balance after the 5 hours of vocal sessions.  Tom takes Paypal, Venmo, CashApp, and checks and cash.  Here's Tom's payment page. GO HERE    
3.  Please avoid difficult arrangements and songs. The obvious time restraints won't let us spend more than 30 minutes per tune. ( for the vocals) 
4. No duets or extra musicians. Only singers. We can always do duets and extra musicians on different projects and packages, but not for this super - package.  Why?  Because each vocal track or instrument track requires extra - time and focus.  This package reflects the time it takes for 1 vocal track plus the 3 instrument background provided by Tom Saputo. 
5.  No videos are included in this package. However, Tom can create a 5 picture video for ( Youtube) at the additional cost of $20 per video. 
6. There is a 3 to 4 week turn-around period once the CD is sent in for duplication.
7. Tom records near Ashburn Va. Cancellations should be not less than 24 hours before a scheduled session.  Thanks
8.  This package is good until Jan. 30th 2022.